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The main city of Agrigento lies on a plateau overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on the southern coast of Sicily. It is the site of the ancient city of Akragas which dates back to around 580 BC and was described by the poet Pyndar as ''the most beautiful of mortal cities''. A great number of visitors come to the area to view some of the best-preserved Ancient Greek temples outside of Greece itself which are situated in the 'Valle dei Templi' (Valley of the Temples) to the south of the city. This is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Much of the main city is now modern, however the 13th century Church of Santa Maria dei Greci is located on the site of an ancient Greek temple. The province is also famous for its Almond Blossom Festival, or Festa del Fiore del Mandorlo, which takes place in February. The area is rich in natural, protected areas such as the Montagnola Reserves and the water springs of the Acquafitusa caves and also coastal beauty spots such as the 'Scala dei Turchi'.