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The main town of this province is called Enna and is the highest Italian province capital. It towers over Sicily from its magnificent location on top of an enormous hill in the centre of the island and the views from here are breathtaking. These geographic features have rendered the city a natural fortress and Enna has therefore played an important role in the island's history with many invaders attempting to conquer it.

Two of the main attractions are the 'Castello di Lombardia' (Lombardy Castle) which was once a military structure composed of twenty towers and the 'Duomo' (Cathedral) which is a very interesting example of Sicilian religious architecture. Five kilometres away from the city of Enna lies the Pergusa Lake which is surrounded by mountains and in mythology is said to be where Pluto abducted the Roman goddess Proserpina after riding out of Mt Etna on four black horses. The lake is also the location of the most important racing circuit in Southern Italy - the Autodromo di Pergusa.

The entire province of Enna is home to many fine architectural examples of castles, cathedrals and churches and also many archeological sites and nature reserves.