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Sicilian Connections has been created to bring together the hundreds of Italian communities worldwide who are linked together by their passion and love for their home country or the home of their ancestors. Our website is a meeting place and community where our global friends can share their wonderful stories and local information.

Debra Santangelo is the Director of Sicilian Connections and has been dedicated to promoting the island of Sicily worldwide for over ten years. She is a published travel journalist and can be contacted to commission articles on Italy or marketing material for your Italian business.

Debra loves her home country of England, but has also followed her passion for the ‘dolce vita’ for almost fifteen years, travelling extensively throughout Italy and Sicily. She is a fluent Italian speaker and has a BA (Hon) degree in Travel and Tourism Management. You can read about her favourite aspects of the Sicilian island and culture in her blog at    

With your help we will constantly be adding more Italian communities so please get in touch with any information and photos that you would like to share. Very soon we will also be adding local business listings for each Italian neighbourhood and aim to become the most comprehensive online guide to 'Little Italy's across the world.

So whether you are located in one of the 'Little Italy' communities in America and worldwide, or simply love the island of Sicily and its culture, join us on our exciting journey to 'casa dolce casa'!