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The Ghostly Bridal Party of Cammarata

24th October 2014

Deep in the woods of Cammarata, in the province of Agrigento, lies a lonely castle with a noble past. The imposing, picturesque castle lies in a beautiful location but the mystical woods that surround it have long believed to be haunted. The horror of the events that happened there makes a sad, romantic and tragic story...... click here to read more

69th Annual Almond Blossom Festival - Agrigento

7th February 2014

This year will be the 69th edition of the International Festival and will take place from the 8th February to the 16th March. The annual festival takes place in the majestic city of Agrigento and celebrates the first almond blossoms of the season - one of the earliest visible signs that Spring is coming..... click here to read more

A Sicilian Ghost Story for Halloween!

23rd October 2013

This year I am taking you all on a journey to a small town in the province of Agrigento called Sambuca di Sicilia. More specifically to a street there which in 1882 was given the official name of 'Via Fantasma', or 'Ghost Street'.
The legend starts way back in the year 830 when the town was still known as 'Zabuth' in honour of its founder, the Arab Emir Al Zabut. The town was enjoying a period of prosperity under the Arab ruling and was protected by a large Arab fort which dominated the town ..... Read More

A Sicilian's Journey - William V. Fioravanti

31st August 2013

History, love and passion are all prevalent in great abundance in A Sicilian’s Journey. This book is full of interesting information about the actual events of one family taken from all aspects. I have a great interest in Sicilian culture and the history of Sicilian immigration to America and gained much knowledge from reading this book. As soon as I had read two chapters I was engrossed to see how the story unravelled and to reveal the final outcome ....... Read More


Exclusive Interview with Professor Philip J. Di Novo

27th June 2013

Professor Philip J. DiNovo is the Founder and President of the esteemed American Italian Heritage Association and the American Italian Heritage Museum in Albany, New York. He has also been knighted by the Italian Government and is a respected figure in America’s Italian community.

Mr. DiNovo has kindly agreed to provide the readers of Sicilian Connections with further information about his organisation and about his own connections to the island of Sicily ..... .......Read More


Viva Sant' Alfio & Recipe for 'Granita di Mandorla'! 

15th May 2013

Buongiorno a tutti! I hope that you are all well and enjoying this lovely Spring sunshine. Today I want to write about one of my favourite festivals in Sicily which is the 'Festa di Sant'Alfio' in the town of Adrano. This festival will take place on the 26th May 2013 and features a parade of beautiful Sicilian carts being pulled through the streets by intricately adorned horses ..... Read More

Martin Scorsese Fights to Keep the 'Grittiness' in NYC

18th April 2013

Martin Scorsese is best known for his revered career as one of the most influential film directors of all time. His films include ‘Goodfellas’, ‘Taxi Driver’, and ‘Gangs of New York’ and in 2006, he won the Academy Award for Best Director for ‘The Departed’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson.

Most recently, however, Scorsese has been making headlines for another issue which lies very close to his heart.......Read More

Villabate Pastry Shop Advances Historical Novel Set in Sicilian Hometown

17th April 2013

Villabate is the name of the New York Metropolitan area’s finest Sicilian bakery and pastry shop. It is also the name of the ancestral town of the Alaimo family, who have owned and operated this Bensonhust institution for 35 years. For family and historical reasons, their hometown of Villabate, Sicily is now the primary setting for Trinàcria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily, a novel that the Alaimos are helping to support and promote ....... Read More


Buona Pasqua!

28th March 2013

Buongiorno a tutti i miei amici!! I hope that you are all well and finally enjoying some Spring sunshine :-)
We are now in Easter week which is one of the most significant periods in the Sicilian calendar. Every year, the atmosphere in Sicilian towns changes considerably throughout the week according to the day and its religious implications.................Read More


Interview with Renowned New York Photographer Joe Zarba

1st March 2013

Joe Zarba is a highly esteemed Italian-American photographer who is based in Brooklyn, New York. He has kindly agreed to share his fascinating background and his thoughts on Sicily with the readers of Sicilian Connections................Read More 

David Bramante's 'Roma Caput Mundi' Comes to Mark Miller Gallery

21st Feb 2013

”Roma Caput Mundi” is a distinctive exhibit by Sicilian photographer Davide Bramante on Rome as Eternal City and Historic Capital. The show’s presence bestows the honor of Rome’s ancient title as Center of the World upon the up-and-coming Lower East Side.This legendary neighborhood would be hard pressed to stake such a claim, even though the “LES” is New York City’s focal point for history, culture, and creativity. .................Read More


Festival of San Corrado - Noto, Siracusa

15th Feb 2013

Next week, on the 19th February, the Siracusan city of Noto will celebrate its Patron Saint and protector, San Corrado. Corrado Confalonieri originated from 14th century Piacenza and chose to leave all of his possessions behind to become a Franciscan monk and undertake a pilgrimage across Italy. He eventually retreated to a grotto in Noto and lived his life as a reclusive hermit ................. Read More 

Almond Blossom Festival - Agrigento

5th Feb 2013

Buongiorno a tutti! As the evenings start to turn lighter and we head into February, many of us start to look forward to the onset of Spring. The winter snow was fun and Christmas was enchanting as always, but I, for one, am certainly ready for the first rays of Spring sunshine to make their appearance. ................ Read More


Buon Carnevale!

24th Jan 2013

Buona sera a tutti! With memories of Christmas fading fast and the mountainous supply of panettone finally coming to an end, this can only mean one thing ....... it's Carnival time!! Carnevale in Italy is one of the year's biggest celebrations and towns throughout the peninsula come alive with music, parades and concerts. ................ Read More 

Interview with Francesca V. Mignosa

15th Jan 2013

The prestigious Italian Literary Award ‘Sicilia Mondo 2013’ was recently presented to the Sicilian - American Francesca V. Mignosa for her writing and also for her important role as Ambassador of Sicily in the world. This is actually the second time that Francesca has been honoured by the organisation, the first being in 2007, and is a great accolade to her constant promotion of Sicily in the USA and across the world. ....... Read More